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About our Logo

The 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass in our logo nods to my father and the belief system he taught me. You see, the body of this Cutlass was found in a junkyard by my father, Larry. He completely restored it. I witnessed firsthand how passionate my father was about turning this car into something beautiful again. To this day, I emulate in front of my children that hard work and know-how together will breathe energy into any project you feel passionate about. Ultimately, the Cutlass represents seeing the potential in something and turning it into something that makes you proud. Nebraska Garage Solutions uses this exact approach when working on your project.

Nebraska Garage Solutions


Nebraska Garage solutions create affordable custom-built storage solutions to meet your space and needs. We transform your areas by building shelving, assembling storage cabinets, enhancing wall space with storage solutions, and envisioning how your space can be entertaining and functional. We do this because we see the potential in any location we go into and love helping others utilize areas in their home in an affordable yet refined way.  

Affordable Custom-Built Storage
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